Anchored… A Poem

Hey y’all 😊 Wanted to share this thing which I wrote several months ago…nothin’ fancy, and I don’t think I’m a great poet or anything. I and my family are undergoing some challenges, and I had written this when was undergoing some different difficulties of my own.

This is a sort of “sum” of what I’d learned. My hope and prayer is that those of you who read, if you identify with my struggles, will be able to grasp the hope of Christ’s victory over death and evil and human depravity…over all sin. HE is our peace, Scripture declares. His glory is our goal.


My day may fall apart

Like a slaughtered piece of art;

My work may pile up

Until I’m drowning in a cup;

Emotions may beset me 

Til I’m pounded in the wrecking—

But God is still the same, 

And my anchor is His name.


My friends may turn cold shoulder

While my agony grows bolder…

The world I knew may crumble 

And the distant thunder rumble…

The air I breathe grow heavy

And my grip on life unsteady;

But GOD is still the same— 

My anchor is His name.


The future grows uncertain 

Like the barrier of a curtain;

The light of fire to simmer

While my vision just grows dimmer;

My heart may cease to beat 

And the numbness hit my feet—




Now I encourage you to go read Psalm 34…entirely ❤️ And then read Psalm 5:11-12. Trust me. It’s good.

ALWAYS remember Who we serve… and that Jesus Christ IS coming back! 2 Peter 3:11-13


5 thoughts on “Anchored… A Poem

  1. Wow! Callie, that poem is amazing!! I think you should totally consider yourself a poet!

    It contained so much of what happens today, yet it kept bringing us back to God is the same. That’s just amazingly awesome and encouraging!! Thanks so much for writing!

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