Placing Jesus FIRST above all else

Mirroring Jesus

Wow.  You know how sometimes God tells you something or teaches you something, and you just respond with, “Oh yeah, I should do that more.” But then you just go about your life like normal?  Then you see something that reminds you of what you just learned.  “Oh, that’s kinda cool…”  Then you hear someone say exactly what you just learned.  “Oh… maybe God’s trying to get a point across.”  Then your pastor mentions that exact thing in his sermon.  “Oookay God, okay… I’ll learn my lesson.”

Well, that’s sort of what it’s been for me with this.  (Well, not that exact scenario, but pretty similar.)  Placing Jesus first can often become sort of a cliche.  Something we just say.  Something so familiar we don’t really do it anymore.

For some reason, recently, whenever any of my siblings or parents leave the house, there’s this nagging in the back of…

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