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Hi all 🙂
I’ve been intermittently working on  two other posts (I’ve been nominated twice), but life has gotten a bit crazy and this one needed to get out first.
My Grandmother was admitted to the hospital Sunday night (March10) due to difficulty breathing, and after running some tests discovered that she’s got fluid on her lungs, not IN her lungs…so it’s not pneumonia. That means that other things are causing the fluid to be there, and while they can drain the fluid, they needed to find the source…and a common source of that is heart issues. She’s had some heart murmurs in the past, which weren’t that bad, and she always has bad allergies this time of year… Her doctor wanted to run some more tests to find out where the fluid is coming from before starting any treatment. And my Grandaddy isn’t feeling well either. He was able to get into his doctor’s office, and with his history of pneumonia ever-present, they gave him some treatment to take at home. My Mom left Tuesday to go and be there and do whatever she can to help. My grandparents’ house isn’t far from the hospital, so Mom’s been staying there/staying at the hospital.
Jump to last night, when Mom got a call that Grandmother had had an episode of irregular heartbeat, and they had to do a test. Mom’s been up at the hospital and back & forth between there and the house trying to help out since. They won’t/can’t drain the fluids out of her chest yet…all her doctors have confirmed that she has congestive heart failure. They won’t let her go home until all the fluid has drained and until treatment has been settled. So far, she can’t have any salt, as that will assist her body in retaining the fluid. So Mom has been doing lots of research on low-sodium meals for them (that makes BOTH of my grandparents that can’t have salt…they eat out a lot, so that for sure has got to stop.) I’m glad Mom’s there to cook/bake and get them a head-start meal-wise, etc. They’ve had Grandmother on a little oxygen, which she said has helped her a lot. She couldn’t talk without coughing.
Now come to date– they’ve moved Grandmother to the ICU, and, as of now, she’s in stable condition. She’s having trouble breathing…it’s just a safety precaution so that in case something were to go wrong, she’d have the best of care. We don’t really know what’s ahead, but we’re trusting the Lord that His hand is over all of this and that, if it’s His will, He’ll pull her through. If not…I’m still struggling, but I know He knows best.
There are more details I know I’m leaving out (some because I simply don’t have all the information, but this is all I’ve been told) and I just wanted to ask for prayer support. My GrandmotherLinda’s condition isn’t for the worst yet, and the Lord is good. Honestly, it’s hard to think that when we were down there for Christmas that that might be the last time I’ll get to see her. She’s so fun and youthful-spirited and loves the Lord so much– it’s hard thinking of what might happen. But again, I’m trying to remember to “live for eternity”.
I just wanted to share this and ask for prayer support…thank you for prayers in advance ❤ ❤
May the Lord’s blessing be upon all of you!! ❤
P.s. The picture featured is one that my GrandmotherLinda painted…she’s the artist I’ll be ever-aspiring to ❤ ❤

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  1. I’ll be praying for your Grandma Callie. May God bless your family and guide you into whatever He has planned and may He draw you all closer to Himself through this experience.
    Sending love.

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  2. Alright: Update as of midnight and this morning.

    I was able to talk with Mom late last night, and she said that at 8:15 pm Grandmother needed a breathing treatment. To do so, they had to take her off of oxygen (doing both at the same time can’t happen). During the treatment they came in to do her vitals, including the oxygen saturation around her finger. A majority of the times they’ve done that, it’s been around 96%. But during the treatment, it was 91%. And following the treatment, she was still having trouble breathing. So for one, 91 is too low– and 2nd, she was upset that she was having a hard time breathing, which made breathing worse. Mom said her other treatments had been fine. So they called her doctor in and he said to move her to ICU so she can be monitored more closely, give her another diuretic, and another chest X-ray to check fluid amount. And while checking Grandmother’s oxygen saturation, they didn’t take into account that the oxygen tube wasn’t in (due to the breathing treatment), and that when they put the tube back in, oxygen went back up. She was given a catheter so she doesn’t have to deal with a whole lot of getting up/getting back down. Overall, just a much better, low-stress environment. She doesn’t have to wait long at all for help.

    This morning at 7:15 Mom texted us and said that when she got to the hospital, Grandmother was conked out. She said she slept good for the remainder of the night — around 5-6 hrs. The catheter, she said, is such a blessing…just allowing her her to rest her heart and lungs by not getting up and down a ton. And she also said that the diuretic is helping. Overall, she said, she’s feeling better. Praise the Lord!!

    Thank y’all so much for prayers!!! Please continue to, and I will try to stay up on additional reports as they come through.

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  3. Thank all of you soo much for prayers ❤ ❤ ❤ Yes– we serve an awesome and loving God……So thankful for His steadfast love and faithfulness ❤
    So, they moved her back downstairs (out of ICU), and there were some emergencies in the process, and the whole thing really wore her out. Also, after being settled back downstairs, when she needed help the help didn't come very quickly…my Mom said she thinks she does better when the hospital-staff stay on top of things, like medicines, ect.
    But she's doing okay right now. Don't know how long Mom will need to stay down there, but but we're all prepared for whatever needs to happen. I think my grandparents are just glad to have Mom there to help and be a voice and another pair of eyes/hands/etc.
    Thank y'all once again so much for prayers!!! The Lord is listening ❤ ❤


  4. Thank all of you again for prayers!!
    Our Lord is so merciful and gracious. Yesterday, the doctor came to Grandmother and asked her if she was ready to go home today. She doesn’t feel quite ready yet, as she gets easily winded, but within the next couple of days she’ll most likely be able to go home. She’s still on a little oxygen, which is still helping, and the diuretics she’s on are really assisting in getting out that extra fluid. She walked around her room yesterday, and coughed a lot the first time. The second time she went around, not as much coughing. The third time, none. This morning she was coughing a little more, but it could just be due to the fact that she’s been talking more, which could be drying out her throat, and the room was a little more chilly today. Mom communicated that she’ll stay with them a couple of days after Grandmother gets back home just to help them get started living life again, and arrange for extra help for my grandparents around the house. There are some good programs that they’ve looked into which appear to lie close along the lines of what they’re needing right now as far as meal-prep and house-help goes. Mom’s goal “come home” time is around this next Thursday. We got to hear Grandmother’s voice today over the phone and she sounds normal. Praise the LORD ❤

    I'll keep everyone posted as I get more news. Again, THANK YOU for all of your prayers. This has been (and still is in many respects) a very trying time for the whole family, but God is growing us and maturing us and getting all of us through ❤ He is sooo merciful. We've been experiencing a lot of encouragement and help along the way, and we are so grateful. God is just so good.

    Thanks again!!!


  5. Hi all! I sincerely hope you all are being blessed with a beautiful day 🙂

    As of 10:45 this morning, Mom sent us a text concerning Grandmother: “So, not going going home today. Probably tomorrow. She’s supposed to be up and moving more, so she’s already working on that. Also, there’s a marker in her bloodwork that shows elevated stress, and Dr said that can mean slow recovery. So they’re working with a med. She feels so much better. The pleural effusion isn’t gone yet, but improved enough for her to go home once these other things are fine.”

    Just please continue to pray over these things and for smooth recovery, and also that she’ll be able to go home tomorrow with these complications either low or non-existent…and an enormous THANK YOU to all of you who are in prayer!! I just can NOT thank you enough ❤ ❤ ❤

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