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Hey there, y’all! (BTW, this post is LONG overdue…I meant to get this done last May, around Mother’s Day, but some life things came up and got in the way ❤ )

I was nominated by Lydia to complete this wonderful tag.

Thanks, Lydia!! ❤

Here are the Rules:

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The Meaning of this Tag:

“A mother is someone who loves her child unconditionally, nourishes them, protects them always, teaches them values, disciplines them fairly, and wants the best for them. For that, we should always, ALWAYS have respect for our mothers. They are designed to bring beautiful life into this world and nurture that precious life as God created them to. Mother’s Day is about reminding your mother how much you appreciate her, but I hope this tag will perhaps remind you this month how blessed you are to have a mother at all.

Now, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about this tag. Trust me, I study psychology in college currently and I know there is no perfect relationship with a parent. If you have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by your mother then you probably will not enjoy the idea of honoring her. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with how you feel. She hurt you, and that hurt may never go away depending on how severe it was. Your mother may be an addict, a narcissist, an abuser, a cheater, a liar…the list goes on and on. I am blessed to have the mother I have, because I think of her as pretty close to perfect, but many are not as blessed as I have been.


However, (I know, that’s never a fun word to hear), we are called to honor our mothers. For me, that’s easy. My mother is my best friend and is the most amazing person in existence besides Jesus in my mind. Honoring her is the least I can do for everything she has been through, everything she has sacrificed, and everything she does daily to be the incredible person and mother she is. 

But, like I said before, many don’t feel that way about their mothers and the last thing they may want to do is call their mom, send her a card, or give her a present for simply giving birth to them. (Trust me, I have a step-mother and two grandmothers I don’t speak to). So…how does one honor their mother in that case?


Pray for her. What she did or didn’t do in childhood has many ramifications, many of which you may live daily, and exposing yourself to her abuse for the sake of Mother’s Day is not a good idea and I don’t encourage it. What I have learned from dealing with other family members is that it’s okay to love and honor someone from afar. It’s better to learn to love and forgive someone from a distance than to hate and hurt up close.  Don’t be ashamed for doing that. Honoring someone does not mean letting them hurt you anymore. Just say, “Thank you for being in my life as God willed it, I forgive you for what you’ve done, but I am going to love you and honor you from a safe distance.” 

May I share some words of encouragement? I know it may make this tag a bit long, but I feel like there’s someone that needs to hear this:

  • Your mother wasn’t kind to you, but that does not mean you are not worthy of kindness.
  • Your mother wasn’t there for you, but that does not mean no one ever will be.
  • Your mother abused you, but that does not mean you deserved it.
  • Your mother lies, but that does not mean you don’t know the truth.
  • Your mother manipulates, but that does not mean you can’t get control back in your life.
  • Your mother loved you as she was capable of loving you, but God loves you unconditionally and will give you the love she was unable to give.

Honor your mother, whether it’s through a simple prayer or a sweet gift on Mother’s Day. If you can’t do it for her, do it for you. And, if you believe in Him, do it for Him.”

Dollfaced Writer

1. What is your relationship like with your birth mother, if anything at all? I am very privileged to have a pretty great relationship with my Mother ❤ Granted, our relationship is the product of a rocky road (as I was a not-so-submissive little girl), but that makes me cherish where the Lord has brought us to now all the more 🙂
2. What is one thing you would change about your birth mother if you could? What is one thing you wouldn’t change?
Ohhh goodness…CHANGE ABOUT MY MOM?!? Okay……I guess it would be to change the way she condemns herself for so many things which, frankly, according to me and my sibs, she shouldn’t condemn herself for. ❤ ❤ And one of the MANY, many things I would NEVER change about my Mom is her steadfast love for the Lord…it flows out through so many areas of her life. It pervades her habits, grounds her convictions, and initiates her words. Granted, I know she’s not perfect (no mother is ❤ ), but she’s so close in my mind. More than close. Spot on. Thank you, Mom, for being strong in the Lord!!!
3. Who do you celebrate on Mother’s Day (your mother, step-mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.)? I celebrate my Mother and both of my grandmothers 🙂
4. What was the most valuable thing she taught you?
To never, ever put anything else in my life before the Lord. He deserves first place.
5. What is one thing she does that you would never do?
Okay…I’m going to tilt the perspective of the question to “One thing I would never BE ABLE TO do” because there is nothing, really, about her that I can point out in order to avoid doing it!! 😉 I would never be able to be as servanthearted and productive as she is. I mean it. While I strive to be so, there are just some things that she does that I will NEVER adequately be able to imitate!! 😀 ❤
6. How do you honor her on Mother’s Day?
It depends. Greatly. Sometimes we bake something she adores for her (it’s GOTTA BE CHOCOLATE 😉 ❤ ), sometimes we sings for her…sometimes we write her letters or put notes all over the place for her to see…sometimes we buy her flowers, get her a card, etc…. and sometimes, we do all of that combined! ❤
7. How has your relationship with her impacted the person/parent you are today? 
WOW. What a good question. I am not a parent (nor am I married yet ❤ ), but just as for the PERSON who I am today……I owe a lot to my Mom. She has invested years and tough moments and sweet moments and grueling discipline and tears and laughs and so, so SO much more in my life…and her dedication to not give up on me encourages me today. I would not have come to know Christ as my Savior were it not for the careful teaching moments and prayers early on in my life that she and my Dad committed to. I am so SO blessed to have such a Mother. *Note: you will NOT find my Mom in a nursing home one day. You’ll find her in MY house (if my siblings will allow me the privilege 😉 ).

I want to nominate:

Abby Rose, who has a beautiful and inspirational blog at Photos by Abby Rose,

Allison, who has an artsy, lovely blog at A Farm Girl’s Life, and

Annie, who has an encouraging and very uplifting blog at Annie Writes.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this!! This was such a fun and timely post for me to do, as it gave me moments for reflection on all that God has truly blessed me with in my Mother ❤ I am indebted to Lydia for passing this along to me 🙂 (And as side-note, even though this post is horribly late, it’s really never too late or not a *good time* to show our mothers some honor 😉 ❤ )


And now for the news. Life has dealt us a few unexpectedly rough blows…many of you may remember a few months ago when my Grandmother Linda had some complications (I wrote about it here), and we didn’t know for sure how long she’d be with us. Well, thank the Lord she got better, MUCH better….but then early June she had a relapse, and we traveled down to see them after she’d gotten out of the hospital, and she was doing much better.

Well, we found out just recently that she’s got stage 4 ovarian cancer.

This has been tough…I’d really appreciate prayers ❤ My Mom has unearthed real, natural ways to cure cancer, and we just need prayer that my Grandmother would listen to the Lord and my Mom and have an open mind regarding her treatment options.

Again, I’m reminded that life is short– and that Christ is all in all.


Thank you all for prayers in advance– y’all are the best!!! ❤ ❤


Until next time… 🙂




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  1. Thanks so much for tagging me Callie!!! I can’t wait to do this fun tag🙃 Oh I don’t know how old your new profile picture is but it’s AMAZING!!


    1. Oh yay!!! I’m so glad💕 You’re so welcome!😊😊
      Oh goodness…don’t you love impromptu selfies😄😄 iPhones (USUALLY…😏😉) work wonders no matter how wacky the moment is!😂❤️

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