Hey y’all!

I just felt this needed to be discussed today.

I’m going to ask a simple question.

The question that maybe you’ve heard or maybe you haven’t.

It is life or death.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and God and as the Savior of your soul?

Even if this serves just as a reminder of our roots, it’s necessary to remember WHY we chose to follow a Jewish carpenter who lived sinlessly 2000+ years ago and died a horrific death so that warped human beings like you and me could have eternal fellowship with Him.

It’s essential.

It’s way, way too easy to become distracted from what following Christ is all about. We’re here to have a one-on-one love relationship with God and spread this life-altering love to every person we come in contact with.

So a series of questions follows…

1. How am I stewarding every gift He’s given me for His glory? (Aka “talents”; also read 2 Corinthians 9:11)

2. Am I in love with Jesus? Do I idolize Him? Do I ache for the Day when I’ll finally meet Him and fall down at His feet and worship Him?

3. Does my life reflect Him in every area? (E.g. Do I pursue purity and excellence?)

4. My friend recently got engaged. (We are sooo excited for what the Lord has in store for them!!💕💕) First thing she did was text me a picture of her new engagement ring. And nearly every comment/picture I’ve gotten from her revolves, somehow, around this amazing guy and preparing for a wedding 😉❤️ Got me thinking.  We’re awaiting our Bridegroom’s return. He’s got the house together; He’s looking forward to spending an eternity with His bride. Are we preparing ourselves to meet Him? Do we go nuts talking about Him wherever we find ourselves? Are we beautifying His bride?

5. Is making Him “look good” and representing Him well our ultimate motivation and goal? Often I’ve wondered (and hoped) that if God ever does have me get married, will I be a good representative of my in-laws? Of my husband? We ought to feel the same way about our Savior. After all, we’re His ambassadors.

6. In a traditional Jewish wedding, the bride literally has NO CLUE as to when exactly her guy is just going to swing by with his procession and whisk her away to her new life. So…are we ready?

7. Do we keep up constant communication with Him? I imagine most girls (and guys) wind up communicating a TON with each other leading up to and following marriage. Y’all, God DESIGNED us for a beautiful holy awesome wonderful etc etc etc RELATIONSHIP with Him……..isn’t that amazing?!? That God would want to know us and want us to know Him…His heart? His ways? His love? The rewards of seeking and obeying Him can not compare with anything else. We aren’t called to live for temporary. We were called to live for eternity and to USE temporary FOR eternal purposes.


I apologize for the length of this… and the spontaneity of this too. But it must be declared.

JESUS is worth our all.

(And I am so totally NOT exempting myself from this…the reason I even wanted to share this with all of y’all is simply because I’ve caught myself slipping into complacency and losing sight of my Lord amidst all of the craziness of this season we call ‘life’. )

So…a little mid-week motivation and encouragement to LOVE HIM Y’ALL❤️

We’re pursuing this together😉💕 And Christ Himself is actually interceding for us…the very One who saved us and knows us better than we know ourselves.

Let’s live for Christ.


4 thoughts on “JESUS

  1. Thank you for this reminder Callie! I needed to hear it. It’s so easy to get distracted and start pursuing other aspects of life. Especially #2 hit me hard. There’s another person that I can place in that description in a way, and that… it’s not right. I already knew it but you put it into words and somehow it’s more managable to understand when it’s in actual words.
    Thank you Callie. God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m so glad, Libby❤️😊 You know, I’ve often caught myself in the same spot. I’ve wound up idolizing things or people (and believe me, they’re good things and God loves those people!) instead of Him…but God didn’t give them to us to be idolized. He gave them to us to be used/ministered to for His sake and His glory!❤️ May the Lord bless you and keep you!🌸


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