Hey y’all!

Long time no write (haha)😉

BUT…Thanksgiving just came and went. How did that happen?!?

I almost loath saying farewell to this year…even though New Years is still a ways away😞🙃 So much has transpired, both tough and tender. I have learned so much— God has truly been a great teacher, and I am continually humbled by how much He knows and does…so much more than this mortal mind can comprehend😊

Thankfulness is essential, but it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes I’m brimming with praise, and other times I feel like I’m hunting in the dust for any inkling of joy and gratefulness. But God knows that it won’t always be easy to say thanks. In fact, He even calls it a “sacrifice” in many places in Scripture. Psalm 50:14-15 is one of several which voices this phenomenon: “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and perform your vows to the Most High, and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”

sacrifice of thanksgiving. 

Sacrifice. Most of us recall to mind images of ancient Jewish priests slaughtering spotless lambs and cattle on alters reeking of blood…reeking of pleas for mercy…reeking of the essence of guilty hearts seeking a guiltless I Am. Giving God their best, their only.

Fast forward to AD…a lonely man dying under torture suited for the worst of mankind…paying the ultimate sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice. Paying the way for the guilty to believe and live guiltless.

The result?

We get to live lives of hope…lives of “thank you” to Christ Jesus!

What I take away from this realization is that, even though life is messy and people are messy and I am messy, I can still show Jesus “thank you” for what He went through for me. Jesus said in the Gospel of John that if we love Him, we will obey Him. We will DO for Him. We will live life, trusting His plan, living a “thank you Jesus” type of life. Hard? At times. But worth it. Totally worth it. Worth every trial, every salty tear, every tough hour. All worth it…because we could never say “thank you” enough times to repay the kindness of our Savior. “Let is not grow weary of doing good…”

So. Even though technically we’re past Thanksgiving, I encourage you (once again) to truly take at least one moment, before we’re plunged into more holiday craziness, to thank God for all He’s brought you through this year, for what He’s given you and, yes……even what He’s taken away. Because He’s worth it.

And in Him, we have eternal life. One day we’ll see Him face to face…and I’ll probably find myself face down on holy ground. Oh for that day to come!!!

And we’ll spend a flawless eternity with the Maker of our souls saying “thank you…”


How did your Thanksgiving go?? What are you thankful for this year??


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