Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall | A Book Review

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Long time, no post ❤

I have been so . . . crazy . . . busy . . . with school, music, projects — just life, in general. ❤

BUT . . . today, I have the privilege of doing a book review on a historical suspense novel by Kristina Hall!

Here’s a brief bit about Kristina:

I’m a sinner saved by grace who seeks to glorify God with my words. I’m also a homeschool graduate who holds a degree in accounting.

Kristina Hall, Author

This particular novel, Promises Unbroken, is Kristina’s 6th published novel and the first of the Moretti Trilogy, and sets the stage for the later books.

So let’s dig in!

First off, I love the cover. ❤ ❤ It’s got a delicious historical vibe going on, and hints of warmth and fervor.

The story itself has, at its core, a longing for restoration. Of what once was.

Here’s a brief yet intriguing synopsis of what’s at stake:

How much will she risk to save her sister?

Mae Ashton has every reason to stay in Georgia and marry the man she loves, save one—the disappearance of her sister. Although all evidence points to Hazel’s death, Mae’s discovery of a single picture changes everything. If Hazel is alive, Mae will find her. And she’s left everything to do so.

Davis Everleigh isn’t about to let Mae, his fiancée, go just because of a note that hardly explains her departure to New York City. Instead, he follows her to the city and gains employment with the man Mae believes is somehow connected to Hazel.

As Davis and Mae become further entrenched in their effort to locate Hazel, they find themselves facing a corrupt businessman and his ruthless henchman, Alberto Moretti. In a world of lies, will the truth prevail—both about Hazel and in their own lives?

I found Mae Ashton a brave but very human character. A person — complete with weaknesses and struggles like you and me.

She is a strong-willed, impetuous farm girl who is struggling with fear. Fueled by bitterness and a lack of trust in God, she rashly decides to prove everyone she knows wrong by setting out to find her sister — now widely accepted as deceased.

Davis, Mae’s fiance, is quite mature in his walk with Christ, and endeared himself to me simply through his devotion to Mae despite her misunderstood behavior. Their relationship was sweet to watch as it continued to unfold. Mae leans heavily, in the story, on Davis, despite continual friction wrought by the uncertainty of their circumstances.

Kristina sets up some very believable, emotionally charged backstories that help readers sink their feet further into the story to grasp the swirling motives and emotions surfacing at the start of this tale. And this continues throughout the book.

There were many scenes in this story that came across to me as a bit dark, especially ones involving the villain, the henchman, and Mae’s sister. I don’t recommend younger readers (13/14 and younger) reading this quite yet, simply because some scenes may be a tad disturbing, since those scenes are set in a world set on “the flesh.” Mae Ashton and Davis Everleigh and their sidekicks must face this world in their attempt to undo the wrongs that have twisted their lives . . . and the lives of those they both love and are fighting against.

As a Christian, I value stories that portray the life of the believer as what it is: a daily battle with self and the world to take up his or her cross, and follow Christ. Kristina illustrates this well.

Another thing I admired about Promises Unbroken was the emphasis on Christ as the source of all strength, hope, courage, and ultimately salvation. A redemptive theme was very prevalent throughout this book, and it was refreshing! I won’t spoil the rest of the story, but suffice it to say it concluded in a beautiful blend of tragedy, hope, and — again — a dependence upon the Lord to soften hearts, heal wounds, and anchor hope for whatever lies ahead.

All in all, Promises Unbroken spells out what it means to love even when none is ever offered in return. It portrays a near constant message of Christ as the source of salvation . . . even for villains.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I found this relevant to our day and age. We live in a country that has been founded upon freedom, but in recent years the enemy has crept into the hearts and minds of many both in power and not — and therefore our freedom is at stake.

The freedom to choose is, I believe, one of the greatest freedoms God gave mankind. It is a freedom easily misused, but the reality of that makes salvation even more beautiful — because God lets us choose to love Him. He lets us choose to give ourselves up to Him. He lets us choose Himself, even though He chose us first (1 John 4:19).

Kristina, thank you for giving me the chance to review your work of art! And thank you for being patient with me throughout the process ❤ Writing a novel is a feat — especially one that aims to glorify the Lord. I pray the Lord uses your gift for both mankind’s good and His glory!

To grab yourself a copy of Promises Unbroken, click here to see it on Amazon, or here to visit her author website for a full view all her works!

Live every moment for Christ — He’s worthy . . . and He loves you ❤

Until next time (which will be VERY soon . . . ❤ )

Callie ❤


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