Another (Life) Update (In Which I Confess Some Things)

Another (Life) UpdateIn Which I Confess Some Things Hi there, y'all! Back again . . . this time with more of a lifestyle-ish post ❤ (Got another one coming soon about the coloring book . . . have no fear 😉 ) I think I just wanted to rehash some things . . . things… Continue reading Another (Life) Update (In Which I Confess Some Things)

An Artsy, Bookish Update

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Drumroll for… the Baker 8 ‘Rescue in the Rockies’ Cover!

Here’s another long-awaited book in the Baker Family Adventure Series by C. R. Hedgcock, one of my all-time favorite authors!

It’s here!

Rescue in the Rockies, known for a long time as simply Baker 8, has a cover that I’m excited to share with you 🙂

Without further ado —

Available for pre-order from Grace & Truth Books:

What is the story about? Here’s how the back cover describes it:

It’s springtime and the Bakers are living the dream. Abby is helping her grandparents set up a guest ranch, Phil is visiting Spain, and Andy and Tom are on the farm entertaining three visitors from Scotland. Mr. Baker suggests a road trip to the guest ranch in Wyoming—what better opportunity for Fergus, Dougal, and Wylie to work hard, meet cowboys, and see the West? The lads are all for it and embrace their new surroundings with gusto, while the Bakers get the chance to re-forge bonds with Grandpa and Grandma Baker.

Mustangs, cattle, and roping lessons fade into…

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