Happy June & Sketchbook Tour #1

Hey there, y'all! It has been a challenging few weeks, but the Lord is still on His throne, and He's still good! ❤ And. HAPPY JUNE!!! Can you believe it's already midway through June?? I'm having difficulty wrapping my lil' puny mind around it . . . not only halfway through June, but nearly halfway… Continue reading Happy June & Sketchbook Tour #1

An Award & An Announcement

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com Hi there, y'all! 'Tis myself . . . yes, I'm back from the dead. 😉 Let's just say that a whole lot of life transpired between January and July. Mid July. That's a bit scary realizing that we're half-way through 2020 already! In this post, I'll be tackling two things… Continue reading An Award & An Announcement