Exciting News & { Photo Dump #2: Bits of Spring }

Blissful Dandylion Hey there, y'all! Well, I sincerely hope you've all been experiencing as vibrant a spring as I've been experiencing . . . honestly, our world is absolutely stunning. God's creation never fails to amaze me with its fantastic design and intricate brilliancy . . . our Lord certainly is the Master Artist &… Continue reading Exciting News & { Photo Dump #2: Bits of Spring }


Sneak Peek 101

Hey there, y'all! Guess what . . . ? I'm sharing some juicy details with you all regarding my coloring book that I've been rambling about recently! It's very close to production time . . . like, extremely close. I'm editing the last bits of text, transferring files to my new little MacBook Pro to… Continue reading Sneak Peek 101